An ode to my biggest inspiration, my best friend, and the love of my life...

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An ode to my biggest inspiration, my best friend, and the love of my life...

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Lejon Xifer的情诗! :86:

Our Newfound Love
Poem by Joel Silmaro

~On that night, you playfully curled your toes

~Splashing ocean water gleefully in your clothes

~Without a care in the world under the crystal lit skies

~With the breeze and gentle waves beginning to harmonize...

~I gazed at your smile that reminded me of the moon

~Your brightness never made me look away

~That serene voice humming in a pleasant tune

~Lighting up my world with your childish sway...

~Oh on that night, when it truly came to be

~Letting her imagination naturally roam free

~Always loving to dip her feet in the celestial sea

~On that night, I found the woman meant for me...

~You still play in the ocean in your own childish way

~Enjoying every moment beneath the stars above

~Since that night, those memories have never faded away

~But became the start of our newfound love.

My Dearest Sophia,

I am sorry for giving this to you at a very later time, but from the bottom of my heart, happy birthday! I wanted to create the music, sounds, and image very nostalgic for you from the time when we first really met each other. That time has truly become one of our most precious memories, especially for me, because it is when I found the woman I did not deserve. Yet, after 3 whole years, after meeting each other at that ocean underneath the crystal lit skies, you and I are still the best of friends and you have become the love of my life. Seeing you smile and making you happy has always been my goals to give to you, and I still plan to continue that...

Happy Birthday, bubby!
I love you a little more than most...

Forever yours,

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